About Us

Why Study at CongaMasterClass.com?

  1. Multiple Views – Most conga lessons have multiple views. The different components can consist of:
    • a detailed lecture/instruction on the specific genre/beat being taught
    • a normal tempo lesson view
    • a slow tempo lesson view
    • a play-along recording that you can download to your device of choice.
  2. Play-Along Recordings – After learning the basics of each style, a downloadable play-along version is made available for your continued practice. Through continued repetition of the various beats and patterns you will soon become a more versatile performer!
  3. Different Class Levels – There are many different levels of conga classes represented here at CongaMasterClass.com. From Beginning to Advanced and everything in between, we are positive you will find something challenging and inspiring to enhance your current level of playing. Michael Spiro has been teaching for over 30 years and has expertise in Afro-Cuban music that you can’t find anywhere else.
  4. Varied Materials – Our goal is to create a library of online classes that teach players the various song and beat forms in the conga drum’s diverse repertory, from simple clave to Salsa Tumbao to Guaguanco. The entire library will be available to subscribers any time of the day or night.
  5. Multiple Instruments (coming soon!) – Although we initially started the site to deliver conga instruction users have told us they wanted additional instruments to be covered. Michael covers all of the essential Afro-centric instruments as well. We will provide videos for Bongo, Chekere, Maracas and even the very challenging Batá.

Come and join us, grow with us and experience the excitement of Afro-Cuban percussion directly for yourself. Sign-up now! Your future as a better Conguero awaits you!