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Spiro and Diaz, Conga Drum Lessons

“Michael and Jesus are an amazing team. Popular to Folkloric...It's all there.”

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Our Teachers


Founding Teacher Michaei Spiro and Jesus Diaz present the most through compilation of Afro-Cuban videos on the web.

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Oru Secco


The bata transcriptions presented in Oru del Igbodu are part of the sacred musical traditions of the "Lucumi" people of Cuba.

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Our Students


Our students speak on why they love
" was a great resource to me in addition... 

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Ilu Aña


This is a book of transcriptions of the toques (rhythms) and cantos (songs) from the Grupo Ilu Añu recording entitled Sacred Rhythms.

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Our Guests


Watch videos by the most current percussionists. Karl Perazzo, Don Poncho Terry, Bombón. Learn more from these masters.

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Current Students


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Other Featured Characteristics

Free Video 1


This video shows an entire Guaguanco Ensemble. 
Other videos show exatcly how to perform each of these parts.
Subscription videos are full sized, DVD quality. 
Watch the whole video for Michael’s version of Bembe.

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Free Video 2

Here Michael shows a brief demonstration of Rumba Guaguanco. has over 50 videos covering all aspects of this important folk rhythm.

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Free Video 3


CongaMasterClass has dozens of videos covering Salsa Tumbao, from very basic to advanced.

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Sample Technique Video


If you are looking for exercises to improve your conga drumming, or find that learning from a book is hardly the creative experience you had been hoping for, then is for you. We offer easy to follow exercises that build upon the technique you already have, no matter what your current level may be. Michael covers heel-toe, heel-heel, and a variety of other patterns and movements that will improve your speed, confidence, soloing and most importantly— your musicality!

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Free Lessons

Video Catalog


We feature over 250 videos that cover ALL aspects of Afro-Cuban Drumming. Exercises, Salsa Tumbao, Guaguanco, Guarapachangueo, Bantu...

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